Welp, I did it again.


Here is the story:

I got fired from my second job. Turns out working 70 hours per week will make you lose focus and not perform well on the job. Shocker, I know. It sucked being fired, that had never happened before to me. But in the end it was good because I needed sleep, and it has given me more personal time.


I slipped back into my old terrible, terrible ways of eating nasty food and not working out. It is May 2nd. I haven’t worked out by myself (without my trainer) since I got fired on January 30th. That is a long ass time to not go to the gym when I don’t have an appointment. This is just inexcusable.

As much as I hated my second job for its hours, it actually helped me with my clean eating and working out. Because I had such little room for error, I actually succeeded. I almost broke free of my 250lb mark. Now…I am hovering around 268 to almost 270lbs again. It us just awful.

But, May, she shall be my month.

I had a great workout with Ronnie this morning. My legs are a bit undone haha. And I am going to get back into my clean eating. I feel physically gross from all the crap I have been putting into my body.

I need to find that drive and rhythm I had when I first started in 2013 when I was just working at the station.

I will find it again. This is a journey. With hills, valleys, and mountains. All for me to weather. I just have to love myself and learn how to cope better with situations and not let it take over. Learn to let it not hinder my progress.

May will be good 🙂

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