Frustration with sleeping schedule!:

Decided to make a video diary about how I was feeling yesterday. When you are trying to be healthy it is so important to have a good sleeping schedule. And the last two weeks just haven’t been clicking with my sleep. Check out my video. Will be posting more, since sometimes it’s easier to just say it out loud how you are feeling.

Today was a much better day. I was able to get almost 6 full hours of sleep before going to my trainers appointment. We did legs today…well more like lower body since we did a lot of ab work as well. 30 lunges with 5 lb weights in each hand. My butt hurts!!! Did pretty good with nutrition today too! Downfalls: I had 2.5 cookies and a soda
Good things: oatmeal, fiber bar, subway turkey breast sandwich, and then lamb kebabs with a little saffron rice and a Greek salad.
Definitely not my worst day.
Tomorrow I WILL go to workout by myself… even if it kills me.

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