Great Saturday!!!


So today was an AMAZING day! Not only did I get a ton of sleep (ten hours to be exact), but I ate really healthy. BUT the best part was that I went to the gym by myself for the first time since the end of January. This is huge step for me. Since I lost my part time job right at the end of January, I was hit with a lot. I was crazy sick, and then I sprained my ankle. I thought that once my ankle had healed I would be back to my old self. You know going to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, eating super healthy, and continue on my weight loss journey.

But… I went on a downward spiral. Eating terribly, being extremely lazy, and just basically being depressed. I still saw my trainer but that really didn’t do much because it wasn’t being backed up by a good lifestyle. I think I am finally getting back on track.

I only did 33 minutes on the elliptical.  I could tell how out of shape I have become. I was able to do pretty intense workouts on that thing for at least 45 minutes. But this winded me and boy was I sweating. But it made me feel amazing. The first step back is always the hardest. I was able to burn 350 calories,  but I have a weird way of tracking my progress. I like to be at least 50 calories burned over the amount of minutes. So if I work out on the elliptical for 45 minutes, 10 calories per minute would be 450…so I would want to reach 500 calories. It sounds weird. This time I only did 20 calories over my time. But I am just getting my feet wet again.

Today I ate a delicious turkey sandwich,  a salad with chicken and yummy veggies for lunch, and finally some scrambled eggs. I hope to do better tomorrow and not have to buy my food. Gotta get back to making all my meals!!!

My current goal is to lose weight before my friends get into town on June 20th. I weighed myself this morning and it was 258.4…by the time they get here I would like to be 245 or lower. 13 pounds in 40 days. I think I can!

Let’s see how tomorrow goes!!!


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