Yes, I use a personal trainer. No, that doesn’t make me lazy


The first time I told friends and family about getting a personal trainer, everyone applauded my step towards getting healthier. That was over a year ago and I am now on my second trainer and second gym, one that I love.

So it came to me as a big surprise, over the past year, when more than once I came across people saying that those who hire trainers are lazy, and lack motivation.

I’m sorry, but what?

To me it is the exact opposite. You are acknowledging that you need help with your goals and you are taking even more substantial steps in doing so. Does everyone need a trainer? Certainly not. But those who have one, especially ones who acquire one to lose any amount of weight, should not be villianized. 

What has sparked this somewhat of a rant has come from comments I read on a CNN article. If you didn’t know, they feature stories of weight loss transformation at least once a week on their Facebook page. I enjoy reading them because they inspire me and let me know that I am not alone in my quest. This is the story I watched this evening:

And this is the comment on Facebook that angered me so:


While I agree that you have to want it, and you have to have drive… sometimes you need someone in your corner. Sometimes you need a professional to help you navigate the at times highly frustrating world of nutrition and fitness.

I also came across this negative outlook on trainers when talking to a potential date. I met him online and we started texting. I mentioned to him that I needed to get up early to go see my trainer. He asked me why I saw one, and I gladly explained. That investing in the trainer gives me extra incentive to go workout and eat right. That I didn’t really have a workout buddy here in Indy that could help motivate me and that I liked having someone who knew all the answers to my questions. He responded saying that people who see trainers are lazy, and unable to motivate themselves. That if you truly wanted to lose weight then you should just do it and not need someone to babysit you…….Needless to say we did not talk much after that.

To him and others who doubt the need for trainers for the people who want them:

I am not lazy.
I do motivate myself. I only see my trainer once a week. The other 167.5 hours in the week it is just me dragging myself out of bed to the gym, and cooking my healthy food.
Do I fail? Hell yes I do! I didn’t workout by myself for almost three months. I still saw my trainer, and it ate me up inside that I was paying him to help me and I wasn’t helping myself. So I kicked myself in the ass and got myself in gear. Now I can see my trainer with pride and even surprise him when I can do more than what he expected.

Don’t judge how people choose to change their lives for the better. The woman I watched in the video did it all by herself. That is amazing and I am proud of her. Am I jealous or envious that she was able to do it without a trainer? Nope.

Because the one thing I have learned throughout the last year from both my trainers but especially my current one, Ronnie, is that you can’t judge others or be jealous of them or base your progress on their success because everyone has their own journey.

Whether you have a trainer, a workout buddy, or you are trying to become healthy all on your own….the point is…you are doing it. That is all that matters.

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